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Application Management

Indyzen provide dependable application management and software maintenance services. With our services, you can let your team focus on the most strategic development needs of your business, and let us manage your existing applications. With Indyzen you can expect:

Timely & Responsive Service: Indyzen gives you the freedom to choose if you need 24/7 maintenance of your application, or if your application wait for a few hours. Once the right solution is chosen, we will guarantee you the service that is promised.

Scalable: Your application may need to be managed more during the high season of your application compared to other times. We will work with you to find out the optimal management plan that is right for you. You can scale your teams up or down according to your chosen plan.

Cost effective: Why use your most talented and most expensive engineers to do the mundane tasks of your application management? We help you optimize resource allocation so that issues are prioritized and right experience level engineers address the tasks at their level. This will help you reduce your costs while increasing job satisfaction.

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