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Why Indyzen?


Widely known, outsourcing industry in India is an explosive breakthrough in terms of low cost with high talent. Since our India-based Offshore Development Center has a large pool of experienced talent and operates by reducing unnecessary overheads, we can pass on those savings to you, and save you significant amount on your investment with us.

High Quality

Our motto has always been to provide quality service and we are glad to inform you that our existing customers speak big about our quality through their priceless testimonials in our favor. While working on your project, we focus on specific quality assurance standards at every phase of the application development and ensure you high quality deliverables.

On-time delivery

The management at Indyzen takes deadlines very seriously. We train our team so that project deadlines give them a sense of challenge; and our team members have accustomed to work under high pressure of deadlines without losing quality. We assure you that we stand on the deadlines given and strive hard to deliver your work on-time, every-time.


We understand each company’s culture is different, and so is the business process. By working with numerous companies over the past years, we have cultivated a habit of molding ourselves to best suit our customers needs and requirements. Depending on your requirements, we can train your team of professionals at Indyzen ODC to follow your guidelines, processes, business principles and ethics.

Skills and rich talent

India is rich with high software development talent. We recruit best of the breed software professionals we can find, including testers and technical writers who have appropriate work experiences from entry level to expert level talent. Our software team is significantly familiar with developing a variety of software solutions. Moreover, we give them training on the latest emerging technologies and build teamwork so they work together as a dynamic team and implement up-to-date technologies to your benefit.

Avoid language barrier

We recruit our technical staff members who have at least 10 years of English Education. In some cases, we hire offshore programmers only after they successfully clear our stringent proficiency test in English language. We not only give priority to technical and non-technical skills, but also to English oral and written communication skills. Further, all our staff members have graduated from Indian government recognized educational institutions. They are highly fluent in English and can converse well with you. We are more than happy to arrange technical or non-technical interviews before you hire your offshore development team.

Dependable Infrastructure

Our ODC has dependable and reliable infrastructure for increased efficiency of the development team. Our facility is conveniently located a few miles away from Tirupati Airport, and has backup un-interrupted power supply to all computers. We provide latest Pentium processor computers to our technical staff with high-speed broadband connection and other facilities.

Effective Communication with customers

Our Indian ODC is equipped with high speed Internet connectivity. Communication tools like chat, email, FTP and conference calls allow us to interact with you effectively and to update the status of your work regularly.

Efficient software development process

We are specialized in developing efficient end-to-end software products. While improving your existing software or developing a new one, we implement effective methodologies and latest IT technologies with high standards. At multiple stages of your software development lifecycle we monitor our team to check that your solution is getting closer and not away from your ultimate goals. As part of your software testing, we use latest testing tools and meticulously perform quality assurance operations and make your software more reliable. Further, depending on your requirements, we can provide you daily, weekly or monthly reports of your projects, so you are on top of the progress of your projects. At the end of your projects we provide you end-user-friendly technical documentation of your software.


Data and Intellectual property is more valuable than ever in this new millennium. We at Indyzen take confidentiality of your information / data very seriously. We have written agreements from our employees to maintain strict confidentiality about our customer’s information and business data. Also, we value your privacy, and do not sell or rent your contact information to any third party.

Greater customer satisfaction

Indyzen is a customer-centric firm with focus to meet or exceed expectations of our clients. We train our team to have high values and work ethics and improve team-spirit. We compete with ourselves and expect more from ourselves to provide you excellent customer service.

We always endeavor to be transparent and true in offering our outsourcing services to our clients. Please review the projects we successfully implemented in the past (portfolio), online brochure, ads and testimonials.