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Software Testing / Quality Assurance

The main ingredient in the 'recipe of success' of a product, software or website is quality. Poor quality assurance can make your product / software unusable; spoil the reputation of your company or worse yet, has the potential to lead companies to bankruptcy with huge legal penalties. Several small to medium software companies still use minimal manual testing methods which are not enough to unearth several malicious bugs in software applications / products. One law-suit may be enough to ruin years of your hard work. Don’t put your company's reputation and years of your savings at risk. Hire Indyzen to test your software today!!!

Indyzen provides rigorous, refined offshore Quality Assurance and Testing services. We can test your entire application or parts of it, enforcing specific, innovative indicators and standards of quality. Indyzen can take the following vital steps to ensure quality to your product:

  • Set up the test environment (we can proceed parallel with step one)
  • Develop test cases / methodologies wherever appropriate
  • Test your product (parallel or sequential and or both, depending on the nature of your product) through each step in the test plan
  • Tabulate and check results
  • Analyze results as per the test plan
  • Integrate results and analysis into a report in easy to review MS Excel Sheet

We encourage you to partner with us so you can enjoy the benefits of our quality assurance and testing professionals who have years of rich experience and who are highly skilled at quality planning, proven testing methodologies and delivery models. We take special care of your testing assignments and monitor our testing team to carry out adept testing and high quality standards on your software. This allows you to focus on your core development while meeting your business quality assurance goals through us.