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Indyzen grows on creativity and hard work driven by values. Our sustained growth is nourished by our original solutions to our clients’ custom IT challenges. We attribute our success and progress to our creative, hard working and dedicated team.

Work Culture

We take pride in our talent who are highly energetic, fun-loving and out-and-out when it comes to both work and vacation. How tough the work, our colleagues are fond to create an enjoyable ambience to face everyday work challenges from our customers.

Our priority to talent

We at Indyzen give priority to talent, talent and more talent. It is because we believe in a common phenomenon that the success of an organization is merely dependent on talent coupled with sincere efforts and commitment, and not on bias.

Challenging task

A company becomes smart undertaking challenging tasks. As brilliant as Indyzen’s services are, we provide brilliant, yet stimulating and prestigious projects bounded by strict deadlines to our staff, which gives them an opportunity to always involve their intellect, commitment and expertise without surrendering their spirits. This will also pave a way to higher promotions quickly.

Quality of work

The quality of our work depicts our excellence. We lay emphasis on the quality of work by encouraging our staff members to participate in the advanced training sessions we conduct to train them in the latest technologies and methodologies and teamwork. This makes them powerful to effectively deal with their work tasks and deliver objective-centered results.

Fun and unity

We love fun as much as we love work. Our employees will once in a while take their time off to enjoy nature, picnics and movies. Not only that, they will have meetings every weekend where they will have a rap-session on a variety of subjects ranging from professional growth to personal development to social concerns. It gives them great fun and enjoyment and a sense of unity.

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